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16 August 2010 @ 11:31 pm
yayyyy~ I finally got my copy of Boku no Muteiru Fukei Album on last Thursday from Apple and already ordered the concert goods from Agnes and Love Rainbow from Apple... >< And already watched Liar Game Final Stage toooo.. Yattta!!!! I did alot in this holiday but now I am broke.. T_T  And finally finished my drawing of Oh-chan and finishing up Arashi... ^^

I got my Boku no Miteiru Fukei Album copy.. yayyyy Collapse )

I really do love the album book!! Much better to look at the booklet than from scans... All of them are mecha kakkoii!! >< And so happy since it is my very first Arashi album!!!! ><

Finished watching Liar Game Final Stage on Cinema ^^Collapse )

Found Kaibusu-kun in Dvd ShopCollapse )

I bought it....Collapse )

Coming out of Bore-some! ^^Collapse )


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29 July 2010 @ 01:20 am
Another day of being awake like an owl. Someone helps me.

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28 July 2010 @ 12:35 am
Just bored and can't sleep either. So I am here to post sth since long time no post here at all!!  I hate the fact that I can't be full time fangirling on Arashi anymore now!!  That s***!! 

I have been collecting those Arashi stuffs since like Feburary. Compared to other fans, my collections are super duper minor!! Hate the fact that I can't do part time job now with those tight schedule! T_T

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Trying to sleep now!! ^^
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17 June 2010 @ 04:48 am
Otenjoubi Omedetou, Nino!!

I thought of writing this since yesterday on bed while trying to sleep.

I like you when
-you are so stingy
-you are noisy and complaining
-you laugh so loud
-you sing with your lovely high pitched voice
-you sing with your guitar for Ojii-chan and Oba-chan
-you say powerful speech in every concert MC
-you brag about yourself
-you tease Oh-chan and others
-you are teaching Oh-chan how to behave
-you are lazying around and sitting on the floor when camera is rolling
-you are so sporty
-you are acting

I love you for who you are now! 

And pls stay forever as you are now! ^^

Have great years ahead with Oh-chan, Sho-chan, Aiba-chan & Jun-kun as
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</div>While searching for Arashi Icons for my lj, saw this quiz at hozrien . I tried out last night since it looks interesting.
I think, "The one who secretly loves you" should be the other way round. I am the one who secretly loves Ohno-kun!! ^^
I will marry Aiba-chan? Then I will get killed by sharlynlove  or all the Arashi fans? and it is totally impossible. :PPPP But it would be really nice to get marry him! :PP
Ohhhh.. I will be best friend with Bratty Nino?? I will never be able to share my secrets with him if he really is my best friend! ahaha... Aiba-chan is suit to be best friend of everyone. Sad that Sho-chan is not on the list! Yeah! I like Jun-kun but he is not my first love. I really liked him while watching HanaDan, that is before I like Arashi and before I know my quiet Prince, Ohno-kun, *In love mood*
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Oh.. my god... What a cutie! How come 29-years-old guy can be such adorable. > < His anan pic are definitely killing me! Luckily that he didn't need to pose like Jun-kun's, Yamapi's and jJin's anan. I would rather die than to see those pics. But I really did enjoy Sho-chan's AnAn. ahaha.. ( Sorry! I will only be hentai for Arashi :PPP)

Can't wait for Kaibutsu-kun ep 2 subbed!!! Really really thankful to every sub teams and communities for subbing them. If it is not because of them, I would not like Arashi that much. The more I know about them, the more I obsess over them. Wonder if My OBESSION is MAX by now?? Don't think so. But I seriously doubt that  I will like another boyband in the future because Arashi has OWN MY SOUL. 

Really glad to be An Arashi fan (Sho-chan, it is. I am really glad to be Arashi fan.) It is too lame that I only start liking them after 9 years of their debute. But still thankful that  I knew them before their 10 years anniversary!! > <

Ohhhhh... I am out of topic now... Back to Kaibutsu-kun and Arashi ni Shiyagare.

What do you eat everyday, Ohno-kun? (maybe he eats everything, making him age backward.)
It is kind of like drama which children would like more. But it is really nice for adults who like comedy and fantasy. It is awesome for me since I can see lots of expressions we can rarely see and love to watch him acting in a role unique from his real character. I really am glad that the ep 1 rating is 17.5% That is super awesome. Hmm.... Wonder what ep 2 ranking is. Really looking forward to see the ep 2, MONEY in sub. Somehow I can understand ep 2. Maybe it is understandable or maybe because I watched lots of jdrama, Anime and Arashi??? kyaaaing while watching Kaibutsu-kun. I wonder what Non-ohno-kun-fans think of him in kaibutsu-kun.

uwaa.. They are so anxious about who the guests appearing on the show are... Love to see anxious Sho-chan and scared bratty nino in there.. Poor them that the guests are not the one they are expecting... This is awesome show since it is fun to watch bakarashi who don't know their guests...

Luckily, both Kaibutsu-kun and new ANS are aired on Saturday. I can enjoy watching them since no school... yayyyyyyy!! > <



kyaaaaaaaaa.. so cute...

ohhhh.. Those ears somehow looks good on him pretty well...

Ahahaha..... That moment makes me burst into laughter at the midnight... 
Poor Ohno-kun. He didn't win a single game against Pan-kun.. T_T

Is that Arashi??? Bwahahhaha... I couldn't recognize them at first glimpse. ahaha...  Shimura-san will be guest?? Yay.... Can't wait for the next Arashi ni Shiyagare anymore... (6days more for next ep)  > <

NTV seriously love Arashi! yay.. Love Arashi DEN SP.. > < Esp, sho-chan's and ohno-kun's den sp. > <

Ahhh.. I am pretty long-winded since didn't post for more than one month.... Must finish this post here! 
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25 April 2010 @ 05:27 am
Wow!! It is more than A MONTH since my last post. I am busy these days. Hmm.. think it is more like lazy to write though I logged in to Livejournal everyday because of Arashi updates on friends page. I also need to continue the fanfic for Ryo-chan and *sigh* It is already more than a month that  I am working on Chapter 3. What a fanfic writer! *shake head* Can't be lazying around like this. I seriously need to continue the fanfic and also need to study too.

But the problem is that I can't study. I really likes to reload the friends page and facebook profile page to see Arashi updates whenever I am studying. I will never be able to study if I am infront of computer. That is what we call the Arashi Obsession. The 5 months holidays made me unable to live without Arashi a day. I really can't live without Arashi a day now no matter how busy I am. Somehow I will manage to find time to see at least all the Arashi updates for everyday.(Sacrifice Sleeping hours > <III)  What an obsession! 

I still am keeping in touch with all the current Arashi news and files (even though I don't know what is happening in the world) because of Arashi fan friends here and from facebook. Ohhh.. Love Arashi and Arashi fans alot. > <

Yayyyyyy!! I bought lots of arashi stuffs during this period I didn't post anything here!! *Jumping around* Now my rooms are more like a crazy girl's. Posters after Posters! Arashi after Arashi! Anime after Anime!! > < My friend was shocked that how my room changed from the last time she came over to have sleepover. Because last time, all the posters on wall are Anime. Now, Arashi posters and pictures outnumber Anime on my wall!
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19 March 2010 @ 02:27 am
Hmm.. I was encouraged to write this fanfic due to Jade-chan (Jade Santo) from Fb!! Arigatou Jade-chan!! This is for ryo-chan, whose all-time-ichiban is Ohno-kun, as friendship present!! :DDDDD 

Chapter 1: The Dairy
Chapter 2: The Familiar Voice
Chapter 3: I am part of Arashi!
(working on)

Yuki will try to write the chp 3, Ryo-chan!! Yuki will finish up chp 3 this week, Ryo-chan!! Gomen that yuki always make ryo-chan for new chapters!! Gomen nasai!! T_T

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12 March 2010 @ 02:21 am
My Computer's memories were already eaten all by Arashi vids!! Only 2gb left! What can I do with only 2gb!! It is emergency now to buy external drive now!! If my computer spoiled now, I will definitely die from shock at the spot!!

yatta!! I finally finished watching spirit away!! Sugoii!! Love it alot!! Now that can watch anime again since no more memory left to download arashi's vids!! ahahhaah... Anyway, must buy external drive as soon as possible!! > < 

OH!!! Ohno-kun!! Can''t wait for Kaibutsu!! > < You are really cute that always making me squeal!! > <
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09 March 2010 @ 06:20 pm

phu.. phu...[Vibration]

“You are my SOUL! SOUL! itsumo sugu soba ni aru

yuzurenai yo daremo jama dekinai

karadajuu ni kaze wo atsumete makiokose

A.RA.SHI A.RA.SHI for dream”

“Why are you too long to pick up the phone? Don’t tell me….”Mike said.

“So what?? I know it would be you and I waited for the song to end!!  Hehe.. “ Ryo said

“I am not surprised by that already! What are you doing? You must have finished the homework by now since you have gone back home from school since 2pm”

"I got an important stuff to take care of this evening. You know? I got a packa....."

"Ah.. You got a .... ?"

"Nothing. SOrry! I gotta hung up now since you already know that I haven't finished it yet! See ya!"

After hung up the phone, Ryo walked toward the study table. She grabbed the paper and thought, "I don't get it anymore of this."  while looking at the Ohno-kun's pic on the wall.

"Huh~ Who is this?" Ryo heard a voice! An angelic voice she had fallen for!

Ryo shocked and looked behind and around her but there was no one there! And looked back at Ohno-kun's pic again. She was stunned there and said,

"Who is there? Ohno-kun?"

Cold sweat broke on her face and her heart was racing, her limbs were paralyzed with excitement and fear! "Am i crazy already? And I am starting to hear his voice!"

"ahhh~ Are you a ghost?"

"I am not ghost! I am real human! Who are you?"

"You just called me my name just now! You are not ghost? Then why can I hear only your voice and can't see you?"

So.. he really is Ohno-kun?? My imagination???

"OHNO-KUN... Are you my imagination?"

 "I am real HUMAN! I am working and can touch things and can talk with ppl around me! I am sure I am not a ghost! How can we talk like this? Are you sure you are not a ghost?"

"Ahhhhhhh.... I am not a ghost! I can't understand what is going on either!"

"AH.. How do you know my name? And what is your name?"

"My name is Ryo!"  Blush* "Because I am your big fan. It is already 10 months since I started liking Arashi"

"Arashi??? What a name!"

Ryo was shocked!

"Big fan of me? ahhahaha... I am quite surprised!! I haven't even debuted yet!"

Ryo can't understand any of it and started to think that this really is an imaginary!

"Are you Ohno Satoshi?"


"Ahhh~ You are quite famous and Arashi is quite famous too?"

"Arashi?? Ah~ Johnny-san is calling me now! I gotta go now! How can we hung up this?" said in the voice he always made whenever he is curious!

 "Ah... How will we connect again?? "

There is no reply at the other end! "What is going on here? What is happening here? He doesn't know Arashi? He even doesn't know he is famous? He surely must be my part of imagination! Will I hear him again?"

Though Ryo-chan doesn't understand any of this, she really is happy  that she can talk with Ohno-kun and can hear his angelic voice even if it may be just her imaginary!

-------------------------------------The end of  Chp 2:"The Voice"------------------------------------------

Preview of Chp 3; I am part of Arashi!

Ehhh~ We are now like in the drama called "Only you can hear me" ???? (To be Continued) ^^

Yuki thinks Ryo-chan has grabbed the story line by now ne?? Hope Ryo-chan likes this chpter!! This is a bit like fantasy!! bwhahaha..
Yuki tried to imitate as best as yuki can to make sound more like OHno-kun, straight forward and asking many questions!! But can't be like Jade-chan's fanfic!! Jade-chan's fanfic really portrays their real characters!! Gomen if it is not good, Ryo-chan!! T_T

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