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26 November 2010 @ 09:16 pm
Otenjoubi Omedetou, Riida ♥  

(I don't remember who to credit this.)

To all Arashians and Oh-chan's fans, Happy Riida, Captain, Sammi, Taichou, Oji-chan, Otou-san, Satoshi-kun, Oh-chan day.

Like I did for Neen and Jun-kun, I wanna list the reasons I love about you, Riida.. ^^

I so love you when
-you are dancing
-you are singing
-you are drawing
-you are acting
-you are talking about fish
-you are staring into space
-you are leading Arashi without leading at all
-you are behaving as if you are a little kid
-you are laid-back
-you are acting like Oji-chan
-you make my heartbeats in chaos and pull out my fangirling site perfectly well with just an insignificant action
-you make me smile with you general or fake smiles.

I so love you for who you are. I am so glad to know Arashi and Oh-chan And I will be your fan and Arashi fan forever.

And finally, pls stay forever as you are now! ^^

Have great years ahead with
Sho-chan, Aiba-chan, Neen & Jun-kun as ARASHI

I have said Otenjoubi Omedetou, Riida for more than 50 times today since last night 12am. In twitter, facebook comments and in lj comments. Now that I can post this.. ^^
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